sepioo: an effortless way to achieve digital transformation and harness the power of the industrial internet of things (IIoT). This high-performance, highly-reliable hardware and software platform is designed to revolutionize process efficiency: wherever you are, whatever you do.

sepioo: The Smart IIoT Platform

sepioo is central to PDi Digital’s vision of digital disruption for IIoT: a powerful software and hardware platform at the center of a new way of working for industry.

The multifunctional, smart data hub inside sepioo has the capacity to receive, process and transmit data from multiple sources — including ERP systems, sensors and third-party systems — to where it is needed. Data can be received by digital sepioo displays, other software systems, or even wearables. This high-performance, highly-reliable feature-set empowers your company to display the right information to the right user. Thanks to a robust, modular and secure architecture, sepioo empowers your company to dramatically increase process efficiency.

There’s no time to lose. Build your system in under 5 minutes and start reaping the benefits of streamlined industrial processes today, with sepioo!

Modern, user-friendly UI
Easy integration into 3rd-party software
Connection to various IIoT devices
Powerful template and workflow editor
Adaptable to any environment

Modern & user-friendly

sepioo includes a smart platform that is characterized by its sleek, intuitive interfaces, both at a UI and API level. These allow the system to be set up in fewer than five minutes or 15 clicks. Based on state-of-the-art web technology, the IIoT platform’s WYSIWYG editor makes operating sepioo both easy and enjoyable.

Easy integration

sepioo includes a smart IIoT platform that is designed to be compatible. It connects effortlessly with widely-used industrial software. Active integrations can be configured via REST API, passive ones through freely-configurable import and update actions. Seamless integration is assured thanks to sepioo’s cutting-edge message queue technology.

Connection to various IIoT devices

sepioo supports connections to a wide range of IIoT devices via REST API, message queues, file-based communication and more. From digital displays, to sensor devices, to NFC readers and NB-IoT, the sky’s the limit. You can even develop your own sensors and connect to sepioo via our radio network system.

Powerful & secure

The template editor inside the sepioo platform allows you to define, import and export SVG templates. Alternatively, you can benefit from predefined functionality (text fields, images, bar/QR-codes, etc.). Once you’re done, customize workflows to include various commands — import/export, LED flash, switch page, etc.— and monitor system health via active push notifications. For added peace of mind, you can set user permissions to keep your data safe.

Adaptable to any environment

sepioo is cloud-based that requires no local installation or maintenance. However, options for local installation are available on request. sepioo makes your life easier through a system of automatic updates in a stable, secured environment.

Our IIoT Business Cases

We’re committed to helping your business achieve digital transformation. Read our IIoT business cases to find out how companies worldwide can use our expertise in digital displays, alongside the other products and IIoT technologies in our portfolio, to disrupt the future of industrial IoT.

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sepioo’s high-quality IIoT infrastructure helps businesses manage their digital displays and sepioo sensors. Seamless compatibility with both partner-developed access points and third-party WiFi extensions is guaranteed: this high-speed, high-throughput service is the fast, safe and secure solution upon which your digital transformation is built.