Joining Up the Future

Compatibility is central to our vision for a disruptive future in industrial IoT. sepioo technology is designed to be  integrated from expert partners within our network, in addition to third-party providers.

Your Big Ideas. Our Out­standing IIoT Technology.

sepioo drives disruption in industry. Each sepioo product is designed to work seamlessly with the others, delivering maximum performance and efficiency. sepioo’s flexibility means that it can be applied to any imaginable process. With sepioo, customers are  implementing modern, Industry 4.0 practices throughout the entire supply chain. 

sepioo technology includes a robust, reliable hub to process your data and deliver it to exactly where you need it. Even high-performance, high-security IIoT infrastructure, digital displays and sensors are part of the provided sepioo technology to the collection and distribution data. sepioo  provides everything you need to digitalize your processes and enjoy the benefits of a dynamic future with PDi Digital.

IIoT Platform

Our smart, robust software platform, developed by IIoT experts, empowers you to achieve digital transformation. sepioo’s flawless architecture guarantees epic performance and near-constant availability. Connect to an infinite number of  digital displays, backed up by high availability and rapid support times. sepioo integrates effortlessly into existing systems. You can instantly transmit incoming data to modern ePaper displays or collect sensor data for any process automation.


sepioo technology includes high-quality IIoT infrastructure that helps businesses manage their digital displays and sensors.  sepioo transmitters help you to forward data to the places it is needed, either go with our exclusive access point or alternatively, take advantage of WiFi extensions provided by reputable third-party vendors. Better yet, sepioo’s high-speed, high-throughput service — delivered via a fast, safe IIoT protocol — means top-class security and performance are delivered as standard.

Digital Displays

Traditional ePaper was yesterday’s news. Bring your digital displays into a bright new future with our incredible sepioo ePaper displays. These purpose-built devices deliver epic performance, outstanding flexibility and reliable two-way user interaction. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, each digital display is a high-quality product that guarantees robustness with superior functionality. Take a powerful step towards the future of IIoT.

Compatible Technology

Compatibility is central to sepioo’s vision for a disruptive future in industrial IoT. sepioo is designed to integrate with the tools and technologies from expert partners within our network, in addition to third-party providers. Read on to find out how you can benefit from the linkups that put the “great” into “integrations”. With seamless integrations to Bossard’s ARIMS Interactive Supply Chain Platform, as well as a powerful linkup with SmartBin Cloud, we ensure maximum efficiency for your industrial processes through collaboration, communication and smart technology.

Our IIoT Business Cases

We’re committed to helping your business achieve digital transformation. Read our IIoT business cases to find out how companies worldwide can use our expertise in digital displays, alongside the other products and IIoT technologies in our portfolio, to disrupt the future of industrial IoT.