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PDi Digital provides high-quality IIoT infrastructure. This helps businesses manage their digital displays and sensors via sepioo, our smart IIoT Platform. Our fast, safe IIoT protocols mean top-class security isn’t a goal: it’s a reality.

Industry-leading wireless solution
Secure, bi-directional communication protocol
Lightweight system requirements

Solutions with Existing IIoT Infrastructure

Our platform is designed to be flexible. By partnering with leading access point providers such as Lancom, Cisco, Meraki and more, we ensure seamless connection to the sepioo platform. It doesn’t matter if you have existing IIoT infrastructure installed. Our innovative, joint solution enables rapid firmware update capability for tags throughout your IIoT infrastructure, simultaneously guaranteeing fast rollout and low maintenance.

Full IIoT Infrastructure Solutions

We pass the benefits of our global partner network onto our customers. Your company can take full advantage of the sepioo platform by implementing purpose-built infrastructure from the ground up. The standalone access point AP-2010 — developed by our exclusive partners at SES-imagotag — enables rapid, secure connectivity with minimal installation effort.  

Compliant with International Standards

All IIoT infrastructure services by PDi Digital allow customers to enjoy high-speed, high-throughput capabilities via a fast, safe IoT protocol. With a multi-channel, bi-directional communications protocol, all data transfers occur in seconds and without interference. Our secured protocol complies with international standards, with each connected device addressed individually by its ID. Don’t take our word for it. Our service has been verified by multiple experts and certification bodies to provide you with ultimate peace of mind.

Our IIoT Business Cases

We’re committed to helping your business achieve digital transformation. Read our IIoT business cases to find out how companies worldwide can use our expertise in digital displays, alongside the other products and IIoT technologies in our portfolio, to disrupt the future of industrial IoT.

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