sepioo disrupts the future of IIoT

At PDi Digital, we‘re acting in the business of disruption. We developed our sepioo IIoT technology in order to create a digitally connected world in which relevant data is shared at the right time to the right places/people in a sustainable way

All of our power is in our vision and our vision is embodied by our technology.

sepioo, our smart IIoT technology, is the basis for digital disruption in a variety of key industries. Next to our outstanding sepioo IIoT platform, our digital displays and our ultra low energy IIoT sensors help customers and partners maximizing their digital potential. Through our commitment to innovation, our partners and customers gain the technology they need to boost process efficiency and make their digital ambitions reality. sepioo and our world-class team of IIoT and Industry 4.0 experts, with decades of industry experience will push your digitalization processes to the next level.

Let’s disrupt the future of IIoT.

Make Change Happen.

sepioo is a reliable, future-proof IIoT technology with customer satisfaction guaranteed. sepioo products are accompanied by our high-quality service package. We are ready to serve your requirements, no matter how complex they are.

sepioo - Our Outstanding IIoT Technology

PDi Digital’s outstanding IIoT technology sepioo is so much more than a collection of hi-tech, disruptive IIoT products and services. sepioo provides your company with an entrance point to the digital revolution. Take this unique opportunity to benefit from innovative IIoT technology: boosting operational efficiency along the supply chain.


sepioo’s end-to-end approach has the vast potential to effect positive change. Workflow optimization can significantly reduce costs in industry. Let’s meet the sepioo, the technology that is transforming the way business works. From our sophisticated, smart software platform, to our secure IIoT infrastructure, on to our exceptional digital displays: sepioo brings you one step closer towards digital connected and sustainable processes.

IIoT Platform

Our smart, robust software platform, developed by IIoT experts, empowers you to achieve digital transformation. sepioo’s flawless architecture guarantees epic performance and near-constant availability. Connect to an infinite number of  digital displays, backed up by high availability and rapid support times. sepioo integrates effortlessly into existing systems. You can instantly transmit incoming data to modern ePaper displays or collect sensor data for any process automation.


sepioo technology includes high-quality IIoT infrastructure that helps businesses manage their digital displays and sensors.  sepioo transmitters help you to forward data to the places it is needed, either go with our exclusive access point or alternatively, take advantage of WiFi extensions provided by reputable third-party vendors. Better yet, sepioo’s high-speed, high-throughput service — delivered via a fast, safe IIoT protocol — means top-class security and performance are delivered as standard.

Digital Displays

Traditional ePaper was yesterday’s news. Bring your digital displays into a bright new future with our incredible sepioo ePaper displays. These purpose-built devices deliver epic performance, outstanding flexibility and reliable two-way user interaction. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, each digital display is a high-quality product that guarantees robustness with superior functionality. Take a powerful step towards the future of IIoT. 

sepioo - The Smart IIoT Technology

sepioo is central to PDi Digital’s vision of digital disruption for IIoT. This incredible technology is a powerful software and hardware platform at the center of a new way of working for industry.

The multifunctional, smart data hub inside sepioo has the capacity to receive, process and transmit data from multiple sources — including ERP systems, sensors and third-party systems — to where it is needed. Data can be received by digital sepioo displays, other software systems, or even wearables. This high-performance, highly-reliable feature-set empowers your company to display the right information to the right user. Thanks to a robust, modular and secure architecture, sepioo empowers your company to dramatically increase process efficiency.

There’s no time to lose. Build your system in under 5 minutes and start reaping the benefits of streamlined industrial processes today, with sepioo!

Modern, user-friendly UI
Easy integration in
3rd-party software
Connections to various IIoT devices
Powerful template and workflow editor
Adjustable to any environment

No Battery. No Problem.

The sepioo D2.6 NFC is our thinnest ever e-paper display, enabling two-way communication with trademark intuitiveness and style. Our commitment to convenience means that this low-maintenance, NFC-capable device can be updated directly from a mobile phone. The sepioo D2.6 NFC is perfect for both customer- and business-facing facilities: used for signage, booking and reservation, or logistics and production, quality and simplicity are constant. No battery, no access points: paper and e-paper have never been so similar.

Our IIoT Business Cases

sepioo together with our dynamic team of IIoT and Industry 4.0 experts is committed to helping your business get the most out of our world-leading technologies. Together, we can reap the benefits of digitalization. Through our carefully-developed sepioo technology and exceptional services, we’re disrupting the future of industrial IoT, one customer at a time. Interested in how sepioo can help your company unlock the door to a future of unlimited digital possibility? Read more sepioo success stories to discover how sepioo is empowering organizations in all types of industries to achieve seamless digital transformation.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Our powerful, flexible technology sepioo transmits alerts, information, or metrics to digital sepioo displays. These can be mounted on bins, shelves or machines. By enabling direct communication to order and safety systems, we ensure smooth processes and reduced costs compared to traditional paper solutions.

Digital Signage

Do you need a room-booking or space-management solution? Or another requirement for displaying information? sepioo is redefining digital signage. These flexible plug-and-play devices can be adapted to new buildings and existing infrastructure, saving you time, energy and money.

Healthcare & Pharma

sepioo is helping to digitalize hospital inventory management and the patient care journey by providing flawless technology to where it’s needed most. Accurate information, delivered securely via robust, endpoint displays, is central to sepioo’s unique offering.