Digital Displays: Built for Your Business.

It’s time to explore a bright new future for digital displays. Our exciting range of e-paper screens provides two-way user interaction with epic performance, outstanding flexibility and unbeatable reliability guaranteed.

Why Go Digital?

PDi Digital’s exceptional digital display technology enables you to show important information exactly where it’s needed. Our e-paper products provide the perfect balance of extensive functionality and adaptability. There’s a digital display for every use case and environment requirement. Our products are energy-efficient — power is only needed when the display changes — and maintenance-free for years of use. Our commitment to maximum usability means that each display we create is readable from any angle, free from glare and reflections, and stays switched-on even when the power is disconnected. Find out more about how we can bring your company into a digitized future below.

Our digital displays boast a modern, robust and sleek design that facilitates their frictionless integration into a wide variety of industrial environments.
Rapid updates for screens and LED blinks mean that your digital display is always kept up to date with the latest information.
User interaction, facilitated through buttons and NFC, allows you to use your digital displays as two-way communication devices: valuable sensors for information.
Digital displays are kept up-to-date via bi-directional, secure IoT protocols. Any information transmitted to your displays is delivered rapidly and stays secure.

Your digital display’s ergonomically-designed buttons facilitate two-way-user interaction. This can be applied to simple or complex processes, such as picking and reordering.

Your digital display is specially-designed for seamless integration into any industrial environment. It features built-in protective glass, which increases robustness and durability in heavy-duty settings.

We’re experts in battery management — and our digital displays show you why. Your display guarantees long-lasting, energy-efficient performance.

Pages of information can now be communicated via a single flashing light. Your digital display’s LED can show seven different colors, visible from an ultra-wide angle.

Our products boast the best digital displays on the market, thanks to our decade-long experience in developing e-Paper and integrated pervasive displays.

Security is paramount. Your digital display features high-speed, high-throughput capabilities via a fast, safe IoT protocol.

sepioo Displays

sepioo displays are built for compatibility with the sepioo platform, featuring four buttons for 2-way user interaction (via a bi-directional button-press protocol) and real-time data transfer with message queue connectivity. In addition to lightning-fast reaction times, each sepioo display is endlessly customizable: you can configure the response to user inputs individually.  An in-built accelerometer and temperature sensor, alongside renowned robustness and ultra-low power consumption, complete a remarkable product.

Smart Industrial Displays

Our sleek, modern digital displays can be implemented in any industrial environment and are available in multiple sizes from 2.6″-12.2″. All products are compatible with sepioo, our smart IIoT platform, and can be customized to suit your design needs.

What Makes Our Digital Displays Special?

Our digital displays are the product of an extensive development process. They are designed to meet the digital signage needs of industry, healthcare and many other key verticals. By making our products as intuitive and user-friendly as they can possibly be, we ensure a seamless transition to e-paper. In turn, this leads to maximum traction for your digitalization process. Here are just a few of the powerful features you can expect from your next exceptional digital paper product, powered by PDi Digital.

Our IIoT Business Cases

We’re committed to helping your business achieve digital transformation. Read our IIoT business cases to find out how companies worldwide can use our expertise in digital displays, alongside the other products and IIoT technologies in our portfolio, to disrupt the future of industrial IoT.

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sepioo — The Smart IIoT Platform

sepioo is a smart industrial software platform that enables you to collect data from a variety of systems or sensors, then forward it to exactly where it is needed. Developed by PDi Digital’s IIoT experts, this epic hardware and software platform empowers you to achieve digital transformation while keeping robustness and security at the top of your list of priorities.


Our high-quality IIoT infrastructure helps businesses manage their digital displays and sensors. Seamless compatibility with both partner-developed access points and third-party WiFi extensions, is guaranteed. This high-speed, high-throughput service is the fast, safe and secure solution upon which your digital transformation is built.