A Unique, Smart IIoT Technology

sepioo is so much more than just a sophisticated mix of software and hardware products. It is a technology brand that defines our commitment to a simple, user-friendly, yet powerful approach to digitalization for industry: providing the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

sepioo - The Smart IIoT Technology

Our outstanding technology lends its name from the Latin for cuttlefish: sepia. Like this magnificent, if curious sea creature, sepioo is an endlessly adaptable being, built to survive the immense pressure of its surroundings through intelligence, ingenuity and flexibility. The many legs of the cuttlefish represent our technology boundless capacity for integration into endless industrial use cases. Its three hearts are the guiding principles for sepioo’s ambitious product vision.

The result, sepioo: a smart technology for a vast range of digitalization projects built for industrial needs that is truly unique on the market. A full package that, with no coding necessary, brings you closer to the vision of a fully-connected, fully-digitized future. sepioo represents the dawning of a new age in IIoT.

sepioo, like the majestic sea creature that embodies its many qualities, has three hearts. Each has a distinct purpose in forging the identity of sepioo, which can be defined as follows:





sepioo’s system of decentralized intelligence allows data to be harvested from unlimited displays and sensors. This allows for rapid updates and communication to other parts of the system in real time. However, true intelligence is making the complex look simple. Despite its endless capabilities and powerful applications, sepioo requires no further development efforts. It can simply be implemented immediately into practically any industrial setting. This is a unique characteristic in a rapidly-advancing industrial marketplace.


The cuttlefish knows there are plenty of fish in the sea. sepioo too plays a role in defining the ecosystem around it. Through endless integration options with a vast array of hardware products — from our own range, our exclusive partners and third-party vendors — we ensure the path to the successful implementation of IIoT is smooth and productive. sepioo is a cross-technology product that facilitates seamless working with leading technologies such as NB-IoT, NFC and 2.4GHz.


sepioo, like its spirit animal, is not limited by the rigidity of a skeleton. Its endless flexibility allows it to be adapted to almost any industrial use case imaginable. This adaptability is made possible by a modular construction that allows for fine tuning at any stage of implementation. The template editor, rule engine and control center in our software platform make this process simple and effective. However, with customizable user permissions and encryption, our sepioo platform ensures that flexibility needn’t come at the expense of strength.

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You know the story. Now, it’s time to see sepioo technology in action. Head over to our technology page to discover the finer technical details and see the benefits sepioo can bring to your digital transformation efforts. 

Our IIoT Business Cases

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