Better Together

sepioo places value on compatible technology and ensures products work seamlessly with one another. sepioo technology also provides a variety of integration possibilities. These enable connections — without the need for expert configuration — to powerful external products in our partner network.

ARIMS - Interactive Supply Chain Platform

Bossard’s ARIMS platform offers users full control of material flows — including orders, inventory management and analytics — via an interactive platform that improves supply chain predictability and efficiency. Fully-compatible with our smart IIoT platform sepioo, this cloud-based service has a user-friendly interface and intuitive features from Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics methodology. ARIMS is ready for B2B ERP integration, enables machine-to-machine communication and brings industry 4.0 to life in production.

Key information:

  • Holistic overview of B- and C-part management.
  • ARIMS Analytics: full overview of locations, articles, orders and deliveries.
  • ARIMS Interactive: ability to submit change requests directly at any time.
  • ARIMS Mobile: access to all functions via your mobile phone.

SmartBin Cloud - Smart, Sensor-Based Inventory Management

SmartBin Cloud is an all-in-one system for bin labeling that enables companies to fully-automate order processes. By combining sepioo displays with a weight sensor, the system can automatically recognize when stock levels change, simultaneously updating stock and order information. When a reorder point is reached, the system autonomously initiates a new order. Using PDi Digital’s outstanding IIoT technology alongside Bossard’s ARIMS platform, real-time data is kept secure and accessible from anywhere.

Key information:

  • Fully-automated order processes.
  • Use of visual proof: all information is visible at-a -glance on the display.
  • Weight sensor triggers instant updates of all stock and order information.
  • Industrial cloud connection (IIoT) means no additional infrastructure is needed.
  • Access to the operations dashboard at any time via ARIMS.
  • LED enables further technological enhancements and customization.

Our IIoT Business Cases

We’re committed to helping your business achieve digital transformation. Read our IIoT business cases to find out how companies worldwide uses sepioo and our expertise in digital displays, alongside the other products and IIoT technologies in our portfolio, to disrupt the future of industrial IoT.

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Ready for seamless digital transformation? sepioo is the smart IIoT platform that can help you achieve massive gains in workflow productivity. By collecting data from sensors, ERP-systems and more, then delivering it in real time to modern ePaper displays, sepioo means digitalization has never been closer.


Our high-quality IIoT infrastructure helps businesses manage their digital displays and sensors. Seamless compatibility with both partner-developed access points and third-party WiFi extensions is guaranteed: this high-speed, high-throughput service is the fast, safe and secure solution upon which your digital transformation is built.

Digital Displays

PDi’s outstanding range of digital displays were built to ensure great performance, endless flexibility and reliable two-way user interaction. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and with endless mounting options, we’re ready to revolutionize the way you display digital information.