IIoT Business Cases for a Disruptive Future

Companies in all types of industries are using sepioo technology to digitize their processes and disrupt the future of industrial IoT. Find out how our exceptional product range can benefit your company: wherever you are, whatever you do.

IIoT Business Cases

sepioo technology makes digital display systems easy-to-install, manage and expand in industrial settings. We see this as a vital step toward digitalization and the future of IIoT. sepioo products are sustainable, future-proof, and tailored to the exact needs of companies in various industrial sectors. By providing our partners with the technology they need to deliver dynamic digital content – including highly-responsive digital displays with buttons for user interaction – we’re helping businesses in a wide variety of industries improve their process efficiency. Find out more about how sepioo disrupts industrial IoT below.

Manufac­turing & Logistics Business Cases

The Smart Factory concept is at the center of Industry 4.0: powered by the intelligent connections between machines and products. sepioo — our smart IIoT technology — is a key IIoT use case that is helping companies to turn their vision of digitized efficiency into reality by automating and connecting production processes.

Paperless Processes

By digitizing traditional, paper-based processes, sepioo transforms digital vision into a tangible reality. It facilitates exponential growth in workflow productivity. sepioo technology enables greater precision through direct connections to ERP systems, traceability throughout the product journey and faster throughput times, leading to vast savings in time and costs.


Rapid information flows with sepioo, combined with first-class digital displays, enable the creation of outstanding pick-by-light and put-to-light systems. This important IIoT use case enables faster picking with fewer errors. You’ll know instantly what was taken and how much is left, while your employees can feed into the system by using the integrated buttons for confirmation. Reduce errors and save money in your warehouse.

Inventory Management/Smart Reordering

Intelligent inventory management has never been easier. Use our sepioo displays as intelligent screens that show all relevant product information — as well as real-time order statuses and delivery dates — at a glance. sepioo technology can help you achieve a better overview of product information on-site. It reduces bottlenecks and increases efficiency. Better yet, you can connect sensors and scales to our smart IoT platform to ensure re-ordering processes are fully automated.


Bossard is a market leader in fastening technology worldwide. The Swiss company analyses and improves production and logistics processes.


An employee in manufacturing at the Fujitsu plant in Augsburg requests the goods required for assembling new notebooks.


Mycronic is a leading supplier of production solutions to the electronics industry.

Digital Signage Business Cases

sepioo enables unique and sustainable digital signage solutions. They represent an opportunity for businesses to upgrade to an environmentally-friendly alternative to paper. Saving time, money, and the planet, we meet the demands of clients looking for quality room-booking or space-management solutions, and much more besides. sepioo technology is genuine plug-and-play and can be adapted to new buildings and existing infrastructure alike. This goal can be achieved with minimal installation effort. Compatible with any booking software, sepioo IIoT platform is a valuable addition for offices, hotels, hospitals and other spaces where signage can benefit from modernization.

Room Signage

Meeting and conference room reservation has never looked so good. sepioo connects your digital displays to the relevant booking system, so you can instantly update room information and keep everyone up-to-date on their appointments in your building. It’s not just for offices. Public buildings, schools and universities can benefit from the transparency and adaptability our products can bring. Smooth out your workflows and give your booking system that professional touch.

Workplace Management

Shared office spaces are becoming increasingly prominent in modern working environments. Traditional concerns of high rent prices and rapidly-growing workforces have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic’s spacing restrictions. Companies everywhere are searching for an intelligent solution to space management at work: sepioo provides an elegant answer to their demands. With our technology, finding and booking a desk is made simple: saving time, stress and money with style.

Reservation Management

In the hotel and catering industry, our digital displays can be used to clarify room reservations or even the names of dishes at the buffet. However, the advantages of our technology for reservation management don’t stop there: in public transport, we can contribute to increasing customer satisfaction by quickly displaying reservation data, updated in real time.

Car Dealerships

Pricing and placing appropriate information about specs and financing to each car is a demanding and costly effort. Traditionally, this information has been printed on paper and placed inside the car. However, this can become a nightmare if changes are necessary “on the fly”. sepioo enables a better, digital alternative for dealerships. sepioo NB-IoT displays (sim only) can be used to sync changes over large surface areas without the need for WiFi access points. Streamline your processes and save costs today.


WESTbahn Management GmbH is a private railway company that has provided passenger transport connections between Vienna and Salzburg since December 2011.

Infinite Area

The project Infinite Area is located in Montebelluna in Italy and is designed as an open space area where people can rent co-working space, meeting facilities, event locations and innovation space.

Health­care & Pharma Business Cases

There’s nothing more important than health. For this reason, sepioo technology is committed to improving workflows in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. sepioo helps to digitize both medical inventory management and the patient care journey. Our techology provides vital information via flawless technology to where it’s needed most. Accurate data, delivered securely via robust endpoint displays, is central to our unique offering in this vitally-important sector.

Material Management

In a hospital, time is a critical element in successful patient care. This means that the demands on efficiency are enormous and the need for rapid response times intense. Using sepioo, we help healthcare institutions with intelligent inventory and procurement management for medical products. This results in the relieving of nursing staff, the minimizing of potential errors and ensuring the timely availability of supplies. Orders can be placed directly on site. Save time and money with the simple push of a button.

Room Signage

Our sepioo digital displays can also replace conventional, paper-based room signage in hospitals. By means of automatic data comparison, occupancy of patient rooms or treatment rooms can always be shown on our exceptional digital displays. This reduces confusion for staff and visitors, allowing the time of healthcare professionals to be spent on looking after patients, rather than arduous administrative tasks.