What does my ErrorCode mean?

Code Description
1 Label not licensed
2 Label ID not valid
3 Label not registered
4 Pin/registration code is missing or wrong
5 Label type not supported
10 Image does not match display size
11 Error during image rendering
12 Error during image conversion
13 Invalid page
14 Could not process task because there are unfinished tasks waiting for this label
15 Firmware was not found for this label type
16 LED type not supported
17 Invalid LED
18 This task is not allowed. In order to allow it, enable unlockAllTasks (at your own risk)
20 Template not found
21 Error during template parsing
22 Error during content document creation
23 Content for image rendering not available
30 Could not send update because label has insufficient power to perform the update
31 Update was not acknowledged by the label
40 Failed to read the task
60 Transmitter communication failure
61 Update lost during processing on the access point
62 HTTP communication error with the access point
63 Label authentication failed (wrong encryption key)
64 Task was removed from pipeline because previous transmission was not finished in time
65 Task was not forwarded from pipeline due to timing constraints
66 Command forwarded but not started by access point
70 Error during barcode rendering
80 Error while writing task to database
90 Input/output error
91 Other internal error
92 Task type not supported
93 Task was in an invalid state
94 A required resource is not available
98 Operation not supported
99 Unknown error