How to add a new Access Point?

Adding at least one Access Point is mandatory for the system to work.

Access Points are transmitting and receiving radio signals to and from our Digital Displays.


To add a new Access Point, navigate to the Control Center in the left navigation bar.

In the appearing top menu, click the menu entry “Access Points”.


You will see either an empty list of Access Points or the previously added once.

In order to add a new entry, click on the “+” in the right top corner and fill out to fields in the opening dialog.



  • Access Point ID
    Fill out the Access Point ID with the unique identifier given on the sticker of your Access Point
  • New Channel
    Select the channel, you want your Access Point to operate in. 1, 3, 5, 9, 10 are priority channels and your Digital Displays will come online faster
  • Group Name
    Apply one or more Access Points to a group by giving them the same Group Name. You can configure to receive notifications in case Digital Displays move between different Access Point Groups.
  • Custom Fields
    Custom Fields are there to add additional data of your interest. For instance, you can give your Access Point a location or a name.


It is recommended to set a static ip-address for access points instead of using DHCP server.

By setting a static ip-address the risk for running into problems after network issues will be minimal (especially when using POE).