System requirements

To be able to run sepioo a container engine is required. Any container engine should be sufficient, however, we recommend Docker engine 20.10 as this version is used inhouse in testing. Docker is available for all major distributions. Please follow the installation instruction for further system requirements. If you don’t have any preference regarding the […]

What does my ErrorCode mean?

Code Description 1 Label not licensed 2 Label ID not valid 3 Label not registered 4 Pin/registration code is missing or wrong 5 Label type not supported 10 Image does not match display size 11 Error during image rendering 12 Error during image conversion 13 Invalid page 14 Could not process task because there are […]

How does the communication protocol work?

Our bi-directional radio technology acts in the worldwide available 2.4 GHz frequency band and supports 11 channels, spread between 2404 MHz and 2480 MHz. It is important to understand that although our Access Points and USB dongles communicate in the same frequency band like WIFI, the protocol is different. Bandwith of 1 channel: Wifi (22 […]

What is a preload image?

Each label can store multiple images at once, each one in a different page. The number of available pages depends on the label type. Of course, only one image can be displayed at once on the labels display – all other image are stored in memory only for later usage.   To optimize total transfer times it […]

Which Task Status are possible?

The current status of a task is either DELAYED, WAITING or one of six final states (SUCCESSFUL, REPLACED, CANCELED, FAILED, ERROR, or TIMEOUT). The figure below shows all valid state transitions. If a task has reached a final state it cannot be changed any more.